Healthy Lunch Box Delivery Service in Taipa / Coloane


Obento-fit is low carb, low sugar, balanced healthy meal made fresh

everyday with seasonal ingredients, it's a meal program for people who wants to plan and eat healthy everyday.


Delivery to Taipa / Coloane - Free delivery service between 10am - 12pm 


Delivery to Macau / Order 10 or more box per delivery we will deliver to Macau for free also.


We also offer reg Obeno box and Snacks! Please go see our menu!


Just contact us if you have any questions!


Obento-Fit program is low carb, low sugar and gluten fee!!! It's a balanced meal diet,  Choose from Meat / Seafood / Vegetarian Daily Menu. . The best results if you continue for long time. See Menu

Sushi Roll

Sushi rolls are great finger snack for people don't have time! Choice of Tuna, Teriyaki Chicken and Salmon & Cream Cheese. 


Fit Box is packed with fresh veggies and proteins. Great choice of smaller meal. It's also low carb, low sugar and gluten free. 

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Now offering new Obento-Box also! Curry Rice Box, Japanese Pizza Box, and Chicken Alfredo Pasta Box!


Vegan Desserts

It's sugar free, gluten free, delicious vegan chocolate peanuts butter cup! Made with Cashews. Order Onine

Fresh Spring Roll

Fresh Spring Rolls are perfect healthy snack!  Served with homemade coconuts peanut butter sauce.